The Basses

It all starts here… on Cortex Bass’ “Wall of Bass”. Our central webpage for getting into the nitty gritty of it all: 4, 5  & 6 strings, fretted or fretless, Standard or Deluxe with a wide variety of tops to choose from. If you don’t find it there, we do not make it… yet!

The rule is simple: just click on what you like and you will be directed to the bass, presented in full detail.

TO SHOP, it is even more simple, choose your bass and clic on the Paypal “BuyNow” Button, carefully choosing the right option, whether you are from the EU, Swiss, US Citizen or Elsewhere from the world. If it is too complicated, or if you simply prefer direct contact and solid wire transfers, just e-mail us and we will start from there.

If you simply don’t trust the Paypal system, you can also shop somme of our basses on You’ll find the direct link accessible in our footer at all times as well.

* All prices advertised hereafter exclude taxes, customs import duty and shipping costs.

Cortex Napoleon Standard 5 Presentation
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Cortex Napoleon STandard 5 Active Bass Presentation
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Poplar Burl

Sorry, we’re SOLD… but check us out anyway !

Cortex Napoleon Standard 4 Presentation