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The Basses

It all starts here… on Cortex Bass’ “Wall of Bass”. Our central webpage for getting inti the nitty gritty of it all: 4 strings, 5 strings, fretless, standard, deluxe with a wide variety of tops to choose from. If you don’t find it there, we do not make it… yet!

The rule is simple: just click on what you like and you will be directed to the section in which the bass is presented in full detail. Basses are classified as Standard or Deluxe, the Deluxes by their top wood veneer.

Standard 4

Standard 5

Standard 5 (Active)

Apple 4 (Flame)

Apple 5 (Scarface)

Apple 5 (Redback)

Apple 5 (Skid Mark)

Plum 5 (Interstellar)

Walnut 4 (Stratus)


Walnut 4 (Archway)

Walnut 5 (Ripples)

Walnut 5 (Lascaux)

Olive 5 (Hurricane)

Spalted M4 (Butterfly)

Buckeye 5 (Low Tide)

Curly RW4 (Tiger)


Curly RW5 (Massaï)

Now that you have seen them all, there are still a few questions to be answered, like… What do they have in common?

What about sound… what kind of Pickups do we offer? Associated to what Preamps, and why?

Sorry, we’re SOLD… but check us out anyway !

Spalted Maple 5

Poplar Burl 5

Buckeye 5 (Moonstruck)

Quilt M5 (Kind of Blue)

Finally as you near the end of “The Wall”, you can’t help but wonder… how much does all that cost?

You’ll find a detailed explanation of how we price our basses in our pricing model.