Basses / Common Specs


Cortex Basses: Let us introduce you to the specificities of our “Napoleon” bass, which we designed and developed to suit all players, from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

It is offered in two versions, Standard and Deluxe, in 4, 5 and 6 string, fretted or Fretless.

The Standard version offers a two-piece body, made of alder or red willow. The neck wood is American hard maple and the fret board is rosewood. It is a “simple” passive bass, offered either with Norstrand Big Blade or Dual Coil, or Aguilar DCB pickups. Each pickup has its own volume, but one tone knob controls both pickups.

The Deluxe version is a triple wood layer sandwich, made of a mahogany two-piece body, a dark/light laminate and a top, book matched to centre. The headstock offers a matching plate to the body top and the neck wood is always something special, either figurative maple, walnut or mahogany, and optionally padouk, purpleheart or even quilt maple. For the rare occasion, we even offer 3-7 piece necks, depending on what types of wood we receive. We have paired preamps with the available pickups, as the Deluxe offers active electronics, that sometimes also include a passive switch. We are also lucky to be able to supply the Duvoisin pickups coupled with their 3-volt electronics. You’ll find more info on that in the “Pickups” section.


With the exception of the general shape, that is the first thing you can spot on this bass. Why? Simply because giving the E and/or B strings some slack after the nut gives them de facto a longer scale.


They are centred on 4 & 6 string basses, shifted between the E and A string for 5 string, so they remain visible for the player and his audience.


Four screws, each with a steel insert, no plates. Nice, solid, efficient and simple.


Glockenklang, 3 band active/passive (+6db), offered with the Nordstrands

Aguilar OPB3, 3 band, active/passive switch, medium frequency switch, offered with Aguilar DCB

Duvoisin 3 volt, 2 or 3 band, pure active, offered only with the Duvoisin humbuckers

WEIGHT (Average)

4-string standard: 3.45kg (7.6lbs)

4-string deluxe: 3.9kg (8.6lbs)

5-string standard: 3.75kg (8.3lbs)

5-string deluxe: 4.2kg (9.2lbs)

6-string standard: 4.75kg (10.4lbs)

6-string deluxe: 5.1kg (11.2lbs)

We can safely say that the weight of the bass has been kept in check.


It magically stops 2mm before both sides across the width of the fretboard. Fret tangs will never scratch your fingers anymore.


It is dual-action, and accessible through a wheel positioned under the 24th fret. No screwdrivers, just a roll pin punch tool and you can start adjusting.


The shape is standard, Bartolini BC Soapbars for 4-string, P2 Soapbars for 5-string. The choice is yours: 


One string, one bridge, optionally complemented by a diffuser encased inside the body of the bass, it drives the sound from its very heart, enhancing considerably its sustain.

String spacing at the bridge is:

19mm (0.74inches) for 4 string,

18mm (0.71inches) for 5 & 6 string.


The Deluxe has a matching headstock to its top. We inlay the matching plate inside the headstock, making sure that no tuner sticks out…!


The 3 marks of the body symbolize partnership and friendship, the whole story behind the birth of Cortex Bass.